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Social Responsibility

BioSpectrum has a robust approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, with Community Benefits under the three areas of Economic, Social and Environmental. Benefits currently provided by the organisation include:

KickStart Scheme

In supporting 16 – 24-year-olds starting their career, BioSpectrum currently employs one member of staff on the Kick Start program and is currently recruiting for a further three positions by the end of June 2021. These people are new university graduates with one working in marketing, two in sales, and another in training and education. They benefit from training and mentorship from the experienced management team which plans to retain them at the end of the scheme. 

Carbon Neutral-01.png

BioSpectrum uses ROB – Recycling Ollerton and Boughton. 

ROB provides engaging and meaningful work-based training placements to 35 local adults with a range of abilities. Supported ROB service users to collect cardboard and paper recycling from BioSpectrum’s premises monthly.

Carbon Neutral 

BioSpectrum is committed to supporting the communities where it works, generating work opportunities for the local population, and sourcing materials as local as possible to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.

All suppliers are selected on their sustainability credentials as a key factor. It is ensured that they share BioSpectrum’s approach to recycling, repurposing, and ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing.


We have also become ISO 14001 compliant. To make sure that our customer knows that we are doing our very best to be friendly to the environment.


Relationships are at the heart of our business 

Consultations and product demonstrations

Our team are experts in their fields assessing your needs through on-site consultations, and showcasing the newest technologies to BioSpectrum with product demonstrations. 

Research and innovation

Research and Innovation to benefit overall patient healthcare and wellbeing is at the heart of what we believe in. Click to find out more about what our suppliers are doing in the UK.

Responsible Procurement

All suppliers are rigorously vetted to ensure that they meet environmental and ethical standards e.g. Their employment regulations.

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