Laparoscopic Instruments and Tools 

BioSpectrum offers a complete range of laparoscopic single-use products for gynaecological procedures and surgeries, including trocar and cannula, laparoscopic instruments, uterine manipulators and verres needles as well as a rectal cannula and a tissue retraction device.


We partner with global leaders Péters Surgical who specialise in innovative and cutting-edge tools and technologies for . BioSpectrum is pleased to offer their T-Lift tissue retraction system and their MAUT uterine manipulator to the UK.


Péters Surgical unique and simple uterine manipulator was developed in Claremont-Ferrand in collaboration with world-renowned French gynaecologist Professor Arnaud Wattiez.


Our Products

Péters Surgical Uterine Manipulator Kit

Designed and manufactured in France to ensure European standards of quality and reliability, Péters Surgical offers a Uterine Manipulator for Total Hysterectomy Kit. Product Benefits:

  • One, single-use instrument throughout the entire procedure to shorten operating time
  • Latex free balloon maintains peritoneum at all stages of the procedure
  • Wide angle of manipulation for excellent uterine exposure
  • Lightweight to reduce operator muscle strain
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
With NO compromise in performance, Péters Surgical uterine manipulators present a compelling economic alternative to conventional, re-usable devices.

Péters Surgical Single-use Laproscopic Equipment

Vectec was established in 1997, in Clermont-Ferrand, France, to design and manufacture disposable instruments and accessories for laparoscopic surgery. The company was born out of the desire of three laparoscopic surgery specialists to find an answer to the increasing demands from the health sector for sterile, single-use products. The trio designed a suite of disposable products which complied with the recommendations of health authorities, exceeded the stringent requirements of the endoscopic surgeon and met the budget constraints of public and private hospitals. Recently acquired, Vectec is now Péters Surgical. All products are still manufactured in France, ensuring European standards of quality and reliability. Products include:

  • Trocars
  • Scissors
  • Verres Needles
  • Graspers/Disectors
  • Hooks
  • Irrigation Cannulas
  • T-Lift Retractor

Péters Surgical T-Lift

The single use T-Lift Tissue Retraction System from Péters Surgical provides a safe and effective way to provide operating space and hold and expose organs in endoscopic procedures. Product Benefits:

  • stable and effective retraction
  • easy to use
  • percutaneous introduction: no incision, no trocar needed
  • reduced degree of Trendelenburg
  • quick and simple variation of retraction height during surgery

STEMA Bipolar Resectoscopy

STEMA offers a full-range of resectoscopes for gynaecology procedures featuring their world class innovation and German engineering. With various sizes and accompanying tools you will find all you need for bipolar resection. Download the brochure below for more information:

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