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Our Products

Péters Surgical Single-use Laproscopic Equipment

Vectec was established in 1997, in Clermont-Ferrand, France, to design and manufacture disposable instruments and accessories for laparoscopic surgery. The company was born out of the desire of three laparoscopic surgery specialists to find an answer to the increasing demands from the health sector for sterile, single-use products. The trio designed a suite of disposable products which complied with the recommendations of health authorities, exceeded the stringent requirements of the endoscopic surgeon and met the budget constraints of public and private hospitals. All Vectec products are manufactured in France, ensuring European standards of quality and reliability. Device Technologies UK are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for the Vectec suite of products. Products include:

  • Trocars
  • Scissors
  • Verres Needles
  • Graspers/Disectors
  • Hooks
  • Irrigation Cannulas
  • T-Lift Retractor

Vesolock™ Polymer Ligation System

The advanced polymer clips are designed to provide security on vessels and reduce lateral clip slippage, as well as to help eliminate thermal damage caused by energy-based ligation devices. Other benefits:

  • smooth v-shape tips designed for easier closing/latching
  • more defined edges to push through connective tissue
  • well-defined teeth engineered to provide enhanced grip
  • colour-coded cartridges available in packages of 6 for economical use
  • can be used with existing applier
For more information download the brochure here.

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