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BioSpectrum brings Piezotome, the latest ultrasonic piezo bone surgery option, to the UK market.

We provide a full selection of plastic surgery instruments including Piezotome by Acteon and STEMA ENT micro instruments.

Our Products

PIEZOTOME® Ultrasonic Bone Surgery Unit

New from Acteon, introducing PIEZOTOME®, a safe and atraumatic ultrasonic piezo bone surgery option and the new diamond standard in Rhinoplasty. Ultrasonic piezo bone surgery was initially used by CMF surgeons and then extended to many other specialties, due to its great clinical benefits in oral and extra-oral surgeries. Benefits:

  • A new technique to treat all bone types; preserves the bone’s stability without damaging any soft tissue

  • Very fine and precise osteotomies with no risk of unwanted fracture even on brittle, thin or unstable bones

  • 10 tips designed specifically for ultrasonic rhinoplasty to correct bone humps, asymmetry, narrowing of a wide bony vault and septum by rasping, cutting and drilling

  • Procedure performed under complete visual control for enhanced precision

  • Faster recovery and social-life re-integration with less ecchymosis and more natural results

How it works:

The generator produces a modulated frequency ranging from 28 to 36 kHz. This signal alternates between high and low amplitude, known as the PIEZOTOME® modulated mode. The bone is cut at a frequency close to its relaxation frequency, limiting the risk of injury to fragile anatomical structures such as nerves and arteries. Bone cutting is precise, cell regeneration is optimized and the healing is of high quality. The ultrasonic piezoelectric technology is suitable for any type of oral or extra-oral surgery where precision and safety is a must. Download the brochure below or click here to read the pdf and read testimonials from surgeons: Milos Kovacevic (Rhinoplasty) Dr. Angelo Troedhan (Specialist in Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery) For more information contact us - the only UK based experts in PIEZOTOME® with specialised training.

STEMA ENT Micro Instruments

Calling upon German engineering and expertise, STEMA offers a range of micro instruments for ENT specialists which are produced to the highest quality and standards. Product range includes:

  • Micro scissors
  • Micro needleholder
  • Micro forceps
  • Micro grasping forceps
  • Micro spoon forceps
Various options available per product depending on needs.

Gerbault Nasal Speculum (For use with PIEZOTOME®)

BioSpectrum now offers a range of Nasal Speculums designed and developed with Dr. Olivier Gerbault - world renowned plastic surgeon and pioneer of Piezotome by Acteon UK.
Developed to be used alongside Piezotome in ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedures the Nasal Speculums feature thin blades to allow for more room and better visibility. In various sizes, with/without suction, and with/without light. See full range below. Variations with Suction, Designed for Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty:

  • 190-290S Gerbault Nasal Speculum, 35mm Blade with Suction
  • 190-291S Gerbault Nasal Speculum, 55mm Blade with Suction
  • 190-292S Gerbault Nasal Speculum, 75mm Blade with Suction
Without Suction:
  • 190-292 Gerbault Nasal Speculum, 75mm Blade
With Light:
  • 190-292L Gerbault Nasal Speculum, 75mm Blade with Fiberoptic Light

Gerbault Suction Retractor (For use with PIEZOTOME®)

New from Marina Medical the Gerbault Suction Retractor designed and developed with Dr. Olivier Gerbault features a suction tube on the concave side of the blade which is delicate enough to not block the view but still efficient at removing fluids. Designed for Piezo applications - available in one size.

Introducing Piezotome,

The Diamond Standard in Plastics

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