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Piezotome Units


Piezotome®, a safe and atraumatic ultrasonic piezo bone surgery option and the new diamond standard in Rhinoplasty.


Ultrasonic piezo bone surgery was initially used by CMF surgeons and then extended to many other specialties, due to its great clinical benefits in oral and extra-oral surgeries.


Piezotome® Solo M+

  • Piezotome® Solo M+, Compact and efficient, brings together all the powerful, reliable and safe components of the M+ range for maximum performance and safety

  • Power Mode from D1 to D4 (D4 being most powerful)

  • Active on hard tissue while preserving soft tissue

  • Small bones osteotomies, osteoplasties, drilling, smoothing where safety and precision are essential

Piezotome® M+

  • A versatile device

  • Dual connection allows you to connect two handpieces thus enabling faster clinical procedures.

  • Easy adjustment settings with its touch screen and multifunction footswitch for perfect control throughout the surgical procedure

Piezotome® Implant Centre

  • A unique concept combining the power of rotary motor and the safety of piezoelectric instrumentations 

  • Ensure total independence for the surgeon and lead to a multitude of surgeries

  • The perfect alliance of rotating and ultrasonic technologies

  • Compatible with both Rotating and Piezotome handpieces  

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