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Piezotome Crown Extension Kit



  • Diamond-coated spherical tip designed particularly for osteoplasty in vestibular and palatal zones as well as reducing exostosis or other osseous irregularities.

  • Ball diameter: 1.75mm


  • Diamond- coated tip designed for osteoplasty in interproximal zones.

  • The CE2 is used notably to recreate a good interproximal morphology, thin out bone margins, etc.

  • Ball diameter: 1.20mm


  • Diamond- coated tip designed for ostectomies of the tooth- supporting bone in interproximal and oral (vestibular) and palatal periradicular zones. The 5mm working part allows the removal of bone excess, and during osteoectomy the laser mark at 3mm allows to respect the biologic width.

  • The CE3 tip can be used perpendicularly or parallel to the bone according to the desired cutting precision.

  • Diameter of the active zone: 1.20mm


  • Curved scalpel particularly effective for substantial osseous reshaping. This tip is used to perform osteoplasties and reshaping of the bone not assuring the tooth support.

  • It can also be used to mark a prosthetic reference point on enamel, if needed, where osteoplasty will begin.

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